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Vibration Monitoring
Our company offers a wide range of Vibration Monitoring instruments that are designed as per international standards which make them highly sensitive. These are equipped with a protection system which protects against permanent machine overload and unexpected standstill.
Wind Monitoring

Wind Monitoring Systems are the electronic devices that gives values of the speed and direction of the wind. They are designed with best grade of materials which gives higher strength to the structure of the machine.

Air Monitoring
Air Monitoring Systems consists of a wide range of devices that helps to get the numeric value of the speed of the wind as per the rotation of the calibrated rotor which gives accurate results. Buy from us these high quality equipments in bulk at low price.
Dynamic Balancing Equipment and Machine
Dynamic Balancing Equipment and Machine are the high performance devices that are used for the alignment of rotating components. These equipments require standard electrical power with a voltage value of 220 volts.
Oil Level Switch
Oil Level Switch are the float switches that automatically opens or closes the circuits as per the rise or fall of the oil level. These are provided with a magnetic reed which is hermitically sealed in a stainless steel to automatically turn on or off oil pumps. 
Current Sensor
Current Sensor the electrical equipments that are highly sensitive to both alternating and direct current to measure the value of the electricity inside a circuit. These are provided with high quality components that are capable to resist overload.
Sound Measurement
Sound Measurement Systems are the instruments that are required to measure the intensity of the sounds. These are designed with best quality components which make the highly sensitive even to very low noise signals. 

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